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Hawke Fast Mount 4-16x50 AO IR (Mildot) With Mounts 11460

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Hawke Match Mounts 30mm High (2pce) 9-11mm Rail

Were I a better person, my first reaction might not have been “Root for injuries”. Per the NYTimes:

Hawke Match-Ringmontagen 30mm 2 Pcs Weaver Low

INDIANAPOLIS — Hawke Endurance 30 Goods SF 6-24 × 50 LRC (24 ×) Scope is threatening to turn the group’s annual convention into outright civil war, as insurgents maneuver to oust Wayne LaPierre, the foremost voice of the American gun rights movement.

Hawke Panorama 3-9X40 10X 1 2 Mil Dot Rifle Scope (Hunting Target)

The confrontation pits Mr. LaPierre, the organization’s longtime chief executive, against its recently installed president, Oliver L. North, the central figure in the Reagan-era Iran-contra affair, who remains a hero to many on the right.

Hawke Präzisionsringmontagen from Steel 1 2 Pcs Weaver Low ScopeHawke Red Dot 1x25 9-11mm Rail 12110 (Hunting Targets)Hawke Sidewinder 30 IR -10x42Hawke Sidewinder ED 10-50x60 SF Side Focus 30mm TMX Rifle Scope 17370

Behind it is a widening crisis involving a legal battle between the N.R.A. and its most influential contractor, Ackerman McQueen, amid renewed threats from regulators in New York, where the N.R.A. is chartered, to investigate the group’s tax-exempt status. With contributions lagging, the N.R.A. is also facing an increasingly well-financed gun rights movement, motivated by a string of mass shootings.

Hawke Sun Visor Standard - Objective (50mm) Scope

Mr. North asked Mr. LaPierre to resign on Wednesday, according to documents reviewed by The New York Times. He said he had also created a committee to review allegations of financial improprieties that threaten the N.R.A.’s status as a nonprofit organization.

Hawke Vantage 30 WA 2.5-10x50 Etched Glass Illuminated L4A Reticle Rifle Scope

But Mr. LaPierre, in a stinging letter sent on Thursday night to the N.R.A.’s board, accused Mr. North of threatening to leak damaging information about him and other N.R.A. executives unless he stepped down…

Hawke - Vantage 3-9x50 (30 30 Duplex) Rifle Scope (Hunting)

It is not clear whether Mr. North has the board support to oust Mr. LaPierre, who has led the N.R.A. for decades. Previously, the presidency has been a ceremonial position, though Mr. North, in documents reviewed by The Times, has asked for it to be a paid post. A key factor will be Chris Cox, who runs the N.R.A.’s Institute for Legislative Action and is effectively the group’s second-ranking official…

Hawke Vantage 4-16x50 AO IR Red-Green Etched Mil Dot Reticle Rifle ScopeHawke Vantage Rifle Scope 3-12x56 WA IRHawke Xb 3 × 32 SrHayabusa Mens Shinju 2 Pearl Weave Jiu-Jitsu BJJ Gi - White

With the N.R.A.’s board due to meet on Monday, the crisis could come to a head soon…

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